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Child Wish – Pregnancy – New Motherhood

Studio Vandaan specializes in yoga, massage and retreats before, during and after pregnancy. We offer small scale and personal fertility, prenatal and postnatal yoga classes as well as massages, workshops, courses and retreats, especially designed for new mothers and mothers-to-be.

All our activities are guided by our team of loving and professional female teachers, who aim to give new moms and babies the best start in life.

We are looking forward to meet you!

Yoga for Pregnancy and Beyond

Take classes whenever it suits you and at any one of our locations in Utrecht.  Do you rather prcatice at home? Join in in one of our weekly live-stream yoga classes through Zoom. Feel free to try as class first at a special rate, before you decide to purchase one of our affordable class cards.

Our Yoga Classes

For pregnancy and beyond

Weekly Yoga Classes

Whether it is during or after pregnancy; you are welcome to join in our weekly classes, either live in Utrecht or online through Zoom.

Private Classes

In specific situations a private class Fertility, Prenatal or Postnatal yoga class or a private Birth Prep Class or  Course is most suitable, so we can pay our full attention to you and your personal story and needs. One of our teachers will visit you at your home or you can take the private class through live-stream via ZOOM.

“I honestly couldn’t be more thankful for your guidance and advice. I basically gave birth using the birthing exercises and positions you suggested. Thing is, they were very impressed by my movements and the breathing. I gave your name to all the personnel that helped me deliver my baby. They couldn’t believe I gave birth based on yoga coaching.

To be honest I will miss our prenatal sessions having also my little one in my tummy. But I’m looking forward to our next classes. I enjoy yoga a lot but you are one of the few instructors that motivated me so much to keep going. Thank you very much again for everything.”

– Marina, took live-stream pregnancy yoga classes with Nadine during her first pregnancy

studio Vandaan in Utrecht

Our Massages

Al our Massages

Whether it’s before, during or after pregnancy; you are always welcome for a suitable massage with us. We have multiple locations in Utrecht and the Betuwe, close to Utrecht. After birth we even come to your home for a relaxing postpartum massage.

Massage Workshops

To recieve a massage is wonderful, yet to give one can be (alonst) just as relaxing! We can teach you how to massage your partner, family members and baby in a warm and loving way with our group or private massage workshops.



Surprise someone with a moment of deep relaxation

“Hi Nadine, During our lessons you always compared yoga teachers to taste in chocolate and I just wanted to let you know that you are my tripple chocolate with cream and sprinkles teacher :D. I am so thankful for the weekly moments were I could get out of my head and connect with my body and my baby. It gave me so much peace. During labor I used a lot of our breathing techniques and barely experienced any pain. My birth was a very positive experience and I just wanted to let you know that you played a big role in it. You’ve changed my life completely, because a woman’s birth stays with her, her entire life. Thank you so much for that!”

– Juliane took pregnancy yoga classes druring her first pregnancy