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Until april 6th we do not offer yoga classes, workshops or massages in our studio. Instead,
we stream live yoga classes and workshops.

What we stand for

Studio Vandaan specializes in relaxation and movement before, during and after pregnancy. We offer you the best yoga classes, massages, workshops, courses and retreats. All our activities take place in a small and personal setting and are always guided by our team of professional teachers. You are very welcome to come and try it out!

Yoga with studio Vandaan

studio Vandaan offers flexible Prenatal, Fertility and several types of Postnatal yoga classes in Utrecht. Before, during or after pregnancy; you are always welcome for yoga with us. Our team of professional, experienced and passionated teachers offers classes in your own neighbourhood. Take classes whenever it suits you and at any location. Feel free to try it first!

Prenatal yoga

Our Birthlight pre-natal yoga classes are suitable for all pregnant women from 14 weeks pregnancy on. You do not need any experience or flexibility :-). We offer flexible classes, not a course which you have to attent weekly. Join us when and where it suits you.

Postnatal yoga

We highly recommend Postnatal yoga as a way to restore, strengthen and relax your body after birth. You are welcome from 6 weeks after birth on. You can choose between regular postnatal classes, Mama&Baby yoga or the more active Mama Yoga.

Well-Women yoga

Well-women yoga is suitable for all women in all stages of life and going through their unique life-cycles. The classes are directed to women who wish to do a general yoga practice in a women only class with a focus on health and wellbeing. Also suitable for women wanting to become pregnant and for women around 6 months after birth.

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With our online registration system you can reserve your spot in any location and class. You pay online through IDEAL: easy!

Yoga retreats

Join us in France, Drenthe or on Vlieland?

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