Baby Massage Workshop

Baby Massage Workshop

Relaxing Together

New! Baby Massage Workshop in English

We offer the workshop in English! See for dates the practical info below. 

Baby massage is a great way to spend time with your baby.  The Shantala baby massage method is defined by it’s simplicity and with its mesmerizing rhythmic movements, it is very relaxing the baby as well as it’s mother or father, it enhances a baby’s sense of security, their sleep patterns as well as their immune-systems. It also promotes a healthy bonding process, and helps with self-regulation.

You will be taught some of the basic strokes and techniques of the Shantala method of baby massage in this workshop.

This method was brought from India to Europe by Fredric Leboyer, a French doctor who observed women in India massaging their baby’s with this rhythmic technique. A young mother called Shantala let him observe and photograph her as she massaged her son outside and he decided to name the method after her. It was then later adapted to Western lifestyle needs and this is what we teach mothers now. A beautiful tradition worthy of passing on.

At the end of the class the baby’s will be put in the tummy tub, so please bring a large towel to dry them off afterwards.

Practical Information 

  • Workshop Babymassage (1,5 uur) in English:
  • Location: 
    • Day Care ‘t Olefantje, Nieuwegracht 49, Utrecht city centre.
  • Price: 30,00 for 1 workshop of 1,5 hrs.
  • Signing up: you can sign up through the kalender or with the direct link above.
  • Any questions? Please contact us.
Babymassage in Utrecht bij studio Vandaan
Babymassage in Utrecht bij studio Vandaan
Babymassage Workshop in Utrecht bij studio Vandaan

Paulina Glapinsky

Paulina is a mother of  two sons (’11 & ’14) and has been working as a prenatal and  post partum doula in Utrecht for 5 years. She is passionated about her work and believes that every woman and her partner deserves warm continuous, personal support before, during and after birth. Her core values are autonmy, enthousiasm, comfort, humour and ampathy. Read more about Paulina on her website.

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