Birth Pool

Why go for a water birth…?

Every birth is different, and every woman has her own needs, yet the need for privacy and a calm, intimate atmosphere at birth is universal and essential to all humans.

For thousands of years women have been using water to ease labour and facilitate birth. For mums (to-be) who prefer a natural birth its important to know that birth without pain medication doesn’t have to mean birth without pain management. There are lots of ways to manage labor pain and water birth can be one of the best ways to manage pain during childbirth.

When women in labour relax in a warm deep bath, free from gravity’s pull on her body, with sensory stimulation reduced, her body is less likely to secrete stress-related hormones like adrenaline. This allows her body to produce both the birth hormone oxytocin ánd her body’s natural pain inhibitors – endorphins – that complement labour.

A woman in labourwho is able to relax physically is able to relax mentally as well.

What are the advantages of water birth?

  • Immersion in warm water tends to reduce the level of adrenalin and cortisol: hormones we secrete at high rates when we are cold and frightened. These stress hormones make the dilation of the cervix to take longer, and therefore may prolong the birth process. Warm water helps you to relax more deeply, to reduce stress and supports your body in letting go of physical and mental tension. 
  • Many women report being able to better relax and concentrate on the birth process once they get into the water.
  • The bath is a sacred space, you are literally in your own birth bubble!
  • Water imparts elasticity to the tissues of the perineum, reducing the incident and severity of tearing and eliminating the need for episiotomies.
  • The baby emerges into the water and has freedom of movement in familiar fluid surroundings; like in your belly. The water offers familiar comfort after the stress of the birth, reassuring the child and allowing his bodily systems time to adapt and organise. Water mitigates the shock and sensory overload that are so often an inextricable part of birth, as lights and sound are softer when perceived from under the water.

“I really loved my water birth! It was one of the things I hoped I would be able to experience during the birth of my son; being in a warm bath during labour. As a prenatal yoga teacher myself I planned for a home birth, but things did go a bit different than expected. After a day of feeling ‘something’ my waters suddenly broke and birth took off like a rocket. Even though he was my first baby, he was born in only 2 hours, of which I spent 1,5 hours in our birth pool.  I was so happy to be able to go into the pool as my contractions were very, very intens.

The warm water instantly helped me to cope with the intensity and pain I was experiencing and it was great to be in our won little birth bubble. My partner was behind me supporting me durig contractions, and when I started pushing in the last stage, I was high on my knees, my arms wrapped around my partners’ neck. I felt strong, in control and gave birth to my son in this way. Now we are expecting our second baby, I would love to give birth in the pool again!”

Danielle - March 2019

What does our Birth Pool Rental Package include?

  • The rent of one birth pool (mini or regular size) (á €90,00) which includes following rental parts (items we receive back from you after delivery):
    • The “Birth-pool in a box” bath (mini or regular)
    • Electric pump to pump up the bath
    • Submersible pump to empty the bath
    • Crane couplings
    • Floor cover (with anti-slip property) to protect the floor and the bath
    • Instruction manual
  • A personal hygiene package (á €65,00) which includes:
    • Bath thermometer
    • Personal hygienic inner cover for pool
    • Supply / discharge hose
    • Scoop net

  • Part Refund if the bath is not used
    • In case your birth does not take place in the bath and you have not used the hygiene pack (and therefore none of the items are used and are in their original packaging), the hygiene package can be returned and €65,00 of your purchase price will be refunded. Otherwise these are non returnable items, for hygienic reasons you can keep or dispose them yourself afterwards.
  • Manuals & Information:
    • A little manual with birth position pictures you can use in the birth pool with short explanations for different phases and situations.
  • Transport:
    • You can pick up the Birth Pool (at Kim’s) or it can be delivered for a small compensation. Kim will pick up the birth pool after labour for free in Utrecht (outside Utrecht delivery costs are calculated on km basis). When the pool is delivered, you will also get an explanation about how to set up the pool in a different environment (home, birth house, hospital).

Costs & Bookings

What is the price?

  • The rent of a Birth Pool can only be done as a complete package and costs €155,00.
  • When you rent a Birth pool, it stays with you for 5 weeks, usually from week 37 of pregnancy on.

How to rent a Birth Pool with us?

  • Choose the size of the pool: There are 2 options: mini or regular pool. If you are tall and have enough space in your birth space and might like to have your partner with you in a birth pool, choose for a regular one. If there is a space limit, choose mini.
  • Bookings: Send us an email to Kim Geene at with your choice, due date, full name and address and mobile number so we can set up an agreement.
  • Once you have read and signed the rental agreement, Kim will send you an invoice and payment request.
  • Kim will contact you when you reach 37 weeks of pregnancy, so we set an appointment for the delivery of the birth pool and its additions.