Birth Prep Course (2×2 hrs)

Birth Prep Mini Course

Feeling Well Prepared for Birth

Private Birth Prep Course 

Relaxation is the key to a positive birth experience

This mini birth prep course consists of two moments of 2 hrs in which we aim to give you the necessary insights, knowledge and practices to be well prepared for birth. There is ample of time for both information about the birth process, your special requests, needs or questions on natural birth and for practicing a range of different techniques. We combine prenatal yoga, breathing and massage techniques. Our goal is to mentally and practically prepare you, or you and your partner together, for giving birth in a natural way.

We elaborately discuss the process of birth and its phases, how to cope with different types of contractions, we practice breathing techniques, yoga & birth poses and movements which support dilation. We also discuss and practice ways in which your (birth) partner can support you during the process of giving birth.

You can join in the course either by yourself or together with your life or birth partner; with the person that will support you during birth; be it a friend, your mother or your doula. After completing the mini course you receive a handout and e-mail with links to documents, instruction movies and images.

In case you want to go for a more concise option; we also offer the Prenatal Partner Class of 2 hrs.

Are you well prepared for birth?

We offer several options to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for the upcoming birth of your little one. You either join in by yourself or with your (birth)partner. We have private options for a workshop, a crash course and a course of 2 x 2 hours. You choose!

Birth Prep Crash Course (3hrs)

More elaborate than the partner class, (but a bit more compact than the birth prep mini course) is our Private Birth Prep Class (3h) in English € 180,00

You can take the private class either by yourself or with your (birth)partner together. In this more elaborate birth prep class we guide you through the natural process of birth in stages and show you when to use which techniques from prenatal yoga. It’s a practical and informative class where you learn different breathing, movement and massage techniques for each stage of your labour. In addition, you will learn how your (birth)partner can assist you during the natural process of birth.

Prenatal Yoga Partner class (2hrs)

For those with limited time we offer the compact private Prenatal Yoga Partner class (2hr) in English  € 120,00.

In 2 hours we prepare you and your (birth)partner for birth with general information, techniques for breathing, yoga and partner massage as well as positions to give birth together. We deliberately discuss the role of the partner in the process and we actually practice the techniques and positions for birth.