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Birth Preparation in English

We aim to support you and your little one in having the best possible start in life. This starts with a relaxed and conscious pregnancy, and continues during birth. Yoga and conscious breathing can have a significant positive effect on the process of birth. We look forward to telling you all about it, ánd practice it, during one of our birth prep classes.

We offer both group Partner Classes (2hr) at our studio, as well as private Birth Prep options at your home in Utrecht and around. We advice you to book a Partner Class / Birth Prep Course around your 35th week of pregnancy.

What all our options include:

  • BREATHING TECHNIQUES to remain as relaxed as possible during labour and contractions.
  • POSTURES & MOVEMENTS to help your body give birth as smoothly as possible
  • BIRTHING POSITIONS to enable your body to give birth naturally and as a team together with your (birth)partner
  • SUPPORTIVE ROLE OF THE (BIRTH) PARTNER with massage, practical and mental support

Good to know:

  • Whether you are planning to give birth at home, in hospital or a birth hotel or the ‘Geboortehuis’ – active birth and relaxation can be helpful at any location.
  • For the private options: Travel costs are included in case you live in Utrecht-city. In the near surroundings of Utrecht we ask some traveling fee extra.
  • If you have any wishes or special requests, get into contact with us!

What are the differences? 

The options below differ mainly in the quantity of information you will receive, the time we have to practice together during the class or course, and the possibility to adapt the class to your personal situation. The more time you reserve for birth prep, the more we can do and tell you in the class(es). We offer 1 group class option and 4 private birth prep options in English.

Partner Class (2 hr group class in English)

In this compact Prenatal Partner Class we prepare you for giving birth together. We discuss the process of birth and its phases, how to cope with different types of contractions, we practice breathing techniques, yoga poses and movements which support dilation and look at ways in which your (birth) partner can support you best during all of it. More info.

You can be in the class together with either your life partner or your birth partner (the person that will support you during birth, be it a friend, your mother or your doula). Afterwards, you will receive a handout and e-mail with links to documents, instruction movies and images.

Please note: In case you did not have the chance to take any of our regular prenatal yoga classes; we suggest you follow the more elaborate private Birth Prep Course instead, as in this course we have double the time and ample personal attention to bring you all the information and practice we find critical.

Practical Information

Private Birth Prep Options

Private Partner Class (2h)

To shortly prepare for birth we offer a compact 2hr private Partner Class prenatal yoga (2hr) €120,00.

This class can be with your partner or with the person who will be there to support you during birth. The goal is to prepare for birth in a very practical way, combining a bit of info on natural birth, and discussing and practicing the most essential breathing & massage techniques, postures and movements to give birth naturally and together.

Private Birth Prep Class (3h)

More elaborate is our Private Birth Prep Class (3h) in English € 180,00

This private class is for yourself or for you with your (birth)partner together. In this more elaborate birth prep class (3h) we guide you through the natural process of birth in stages and show you when to use which techniques from prenatal yoga. It’s a practical and informative class where you learn different breathing, movement and massage techniques for each stage of your labour. In addition, you will learn how your (birth)partner can assist you during the natural process of birth.

Private Birth Prep Course (2x2h)

The complete Private Birth Prep Course (2x2h) in English € 230,00

This private mini-course is for yourself or for you with your (birth)partner together. In this complete course we aim to give you all necessary insights, knowledge and practices to be well prepared for birth. There is ample of time for both information, your special requests, needs or questions on natural birth and for practicing a range of different breathing & massage techniques, postures and movements to give birth naturally. In addition, you will learn how your (birth)partner can assist you during the natural process of birth.

Private Birth & Post Partum Prep Course(2x2h)

The Private Birth & Post Partum Prep course (2x2h) in English € 230,00 with Anita

This private birth & post partum prep mini-course aims to give you the most essential insights, knowledge and practices to be well prepared for both birth as well as for the weeks directly after birth (the postpartum period). Our experienced teacher Anita is a pre & postnatal doula as well as a yogateacher and masseuse and will tell you all she knows for you to feel confident and relaxt during and after birth.

Post Partum Prep Workshop

Aiming to be well prepared for the time after Birth?

In the Postpartum Prep workshop, we share our knowledge about and will guide you through the time after birth. It is a practical self-preparation workshop, aimed at providing you with the necessary knowledge and tools so you can support yourself during the transition of motherhood. You will here about the first days when the baby arrives, the first weeks of being home together, we will look into a nourishing diet, how to take care of your postpartum body and mind, how to trust your mothering instincts, how to nurture yourself first so you can nurture your baby, how to ask for help, how to involve your surroundings and how to set up a plan for the postpartum period in advance.

More info.