Birth Prep Course (2x2hrs)

Well prepared for meeting your little one


At studio Vandaan we aim to give you and your little one the best possible start in life. Knowing about and how to apply specific breathing techniques, movements and birth positions that we show and practice in our birth prep classes, can have a significant positive impact on both your birth process and the way you experience the birth of your baby.

Birth Prep Course in a group (2x2hrs)

EnglOnce a month, on two Friday evenings you are welcome to join into one of our birth prep courses, provided to you by our most experienced teachers. We have a ma of 5 couples s we can answer all your questions. We advise you to plan taking a birth prep course around your 34th-36th week of pregnancy. The course is taught in English.

Location: Yoga Moves (HOT) – small room – Jan v Scorelstraat 41, Utrecht

Course Dates

  • Friday 5 & 19th of April with Andrea
  • No English course in May, instead we have a English Partner Class on Friday 24th of May or a Bevalcursus in Dutch on 17&24 May.
  • Friday, June 7 and 21 with Andrea & Danielle
  • Friday, July 5 and 12 with Andrea
  • Friday, 23 and 30 August with Eveline
  • Friday, 6 and 13 September with Andrea

Times – all 19.30-21.30 hrs

Private Birth Prep Course (2x2hrs)

Do you have specific questions, fears or a personal situation? A private birth prep course can than be just the solution for you. We offer the classes at your home at a moment and time that suits you well. For questions and bookings, contact us through e-mail.

“Hay Danielle, Just a note from us to thank you for the super nice preparation. We had a super nice bath birth. In the end it went so fast that I gave birth to our son at home. We will definitely recommend the course to others and maybe until next time! “

– Renske and her partner did a private Birth Prep Course with Danielle

“I thought the course was very useful. Mainly because of a better understanding and more awareness of things I didn’t know in our first pregnancy/birth, I feel better prepared. We got the most out of the postures and discussing the process of natural childbirth. I would definitely recommend the course; it’s nice to do it together so you have the same information and your partner can support you even better during childbirth.”

– Aafke & Partner joined in a groupBirth Prep course.

“Our private birth prep course was good, we learned a lot of things and feel more prepared. Many thanks”.

– Seyda and her partner did a private Birth Prep Course with Andrea.

Birth Prep Course

Our Birth Prep Course course is based on the most valued pregnancy yoga techniques, and consists of two 2-hour classes on Friday evenings. During the course we provide you with important information and exercises for both physical and mental preparation for the birth of your little one.

Our main goal is to help you give birth in a way which is as relaxed and natural as possible, wherever and however the birth unfolds. This course will help you, or you together with your partner, to go into labour with confidence and peace of mind. You can join in the course on your own or together with your (birthing) partner.

This childbirth course is particularly suitable for ladies who:

  • want to repeat the most important exercises from our weekly pregnancy yoga classes and see them in the context of childbirth. What can you apply during childbirth?
    have not yet taken a pregnancy course or pregnancy yoga classes (with us) but want to
  • prepare themselves well both mentally and physicallu for giving birth.
  • have already given birth but want to experience again how to be in your power during childbirth and which postures and techniques you can apply.
  • do not have a childbirth partner or have a partner who would rather not attend a pregnancy or childbirth course.
  • have a partner who also likes to prepare well for the birth and wants to experience in what ways he/she can offer support.
  • Do not find English a problem. Do you prefer to definitely take classes in Dutch? Then follow our Dutch Partner Class to prepare for birth.

Our Birthlight-certified teachers will provide expert guidance throughout the course. Our aim is to prepare you for different birthing scenarios so you can face your labour with confidence, no matter how it will turn out.

In the classes we discuss:

  • Different ways to support RELAXATION, both physically as mentally, during birth.
  • BREATHING TECHNIQUES to help you cope with different types of contractions, to relax between contractions and specific breathing techniques to help your body birth your baby during the pushing phase.
  • MOVEMENTS to ease and support the dilation phase. Depending on the type of contractions you experience, (abdominal, back or leg) you can cope with the contractions either walking, standing, sitting, lying down or leaning over something.
  • BIRTH POSITIONS: Try different positions together with your partner to feel what suits you best.
  • THE ROLE OF THE PARTNER: Learn how he/she can support you during childbirth. Partners can mean more than they might think beforehand.
  • MASSAGE TECHNIQUES: Learn how massage can help relief pain and the intensity of contractions during childbirth.

This Birth Prep course gives you more time to practice the provided breathing and massage techniques, postures and movements (together), then a pregnancy yoga Partner Class does. 

Practical Information

  • Language: English
  • Location: Yoga Moves, location “HOT”, Jan van Scorelstraat 41, Utrecht. 
  • Price: € 85,00 per person (1 credit) / €145,00 per couple (2 credits)
  • Signing up? You can find the overview with the planned starting dates in our Agenda. When you sign up for the starting date you are automatically signed up for the second date too. With the button ‘Reserve’ you can purchase the appropriate credit(s) and immediately reserve your spot in the course of your choice.

  • Are you joining in together with your (birth)partner? Buy 2 credits here which allows you to reserve the course twice in your name to reserve a spot for your partner too.