Partner Class (2hrs)

Well prepared for birth, together – with our prenatal yoga Partner Class in Utrecht


At studio Vandaan we aim to give you and your little one the best possible start in life. In our Partner class for for birth preparation, you learn about and practice specific breathing techniques, movements and birth positions which can have a significant positive impact on both the birth process and the way you experience the birth of your baby.

Group Partner Class (2hrs)

Regularly, on a friday evening you are welcome to join in one of our prenatal yoga Partner Classes, provided to you by our most experienced teachers. We have a max of 5 couples so we can answer all your questions. We advise you to plan taking a Partner Class around your 34th-36th week of pregnancy. The course is taught in English or Dutch, depending on the date. Our Agenda.


  • Yoga Moves (HOT) – Jan v Scorelstraat 41, Utrecht
  • Bosboomstraat 1G, 3511 HB Utrecht

Private Partner Class (2hrs)

Do you have questions, wishes or a specific personal situation? In those cases, a private Partner Class at your home may be the right option for you. The class can be planned at a day and time that suits you best. In Utrecht-city, travel costs are included (parking costs are not).

For questions and bookings do not hesitate to contact us through e-mail.

During the pregnancy yoga Partner Class (one-time, 2 hours), you prepare for childbirth together. We tell you about the natural process of birth, discuss how you can cope with different types of contractions, practise movements, breathing techniques and birthing positions, and discover how your partner can best support you during labour.

You can participate with your life partner, yet a family member, friend or someone else who will support you during labour, is very welcome instead. We recommend following the partner class in addition to our regular pregnancy yoga classes and advise to schedule it around your 35th week of pregnancy.

Afterwards, you will receive a digital handout afterwards with the exercises, instructional videos and useful downloads.

Please note! We offer alternating Partner Classes in Dutch and English. See our Agenda for specific dates.

In class we discuss:

  • Different ways to support RELAXATION, both physically as mentally, during birth.
  • BREATHING TECHNIQUES to help you cope with different types of contractions, to relax between contractions and specific breathing techniques to help your body birth your baby during the pushing phase.
  • MOVEMENTS to ease and support the dilation phase. Depending on the type of contractions you experience, (abdominal, back or leg) you can cope with the contractions either walking, standing, sitting, lying down or leaning over something.
  • BIRTH POSITIONS: Try different positions together with your partner to feel what suits you best.
  • THE ROLE OF THE PARTNER: Learn how he/she can support you during childbirth. Partners can mean more than they might think beforehand.
  • MASSAGE TECHNIQUES: Learn how massage can help relief pain and the intensity of contractions during childbirth.

Practical Information

  • Language: Partner Classes are offered in Dutch or English depending on the dates. See our Agenda for specific dates.
  • Location:
    • Yoga Moves, location “HOT”, Jan van Scorelstraat 41, Utrecht. 
    • Studio 110; Boerhaaveplein 110, Utrecht (studio 0.13)
  • Tarief: € 95,00 per couple (max 5 couples).
  • Please note: From October 1st on, the class will last 2,5 hrs and the price will be €120,00.
  • Signing up You can find the dates in the overview below. Reserve your spot with the button ‘Reserve’.

In case you have not done any pregnancy yoga classes with us yet, we advise you to take our Birth Prep Course (2 x 2 hours), in which we have more time to discuss, show and practice how pregnancy yoga techniques can be supportive for childbirth.