Yoga Locations

  1. Oudegracht 328 a/d Werf – (City Centre) You can find us at the water level. (Look for the bicycle shop ‘Maring’ – take the stairs down.)
  2.  Ruimte voor Aandacht – Singelsteeg 2, (City Centre). You find us in a small ally from the Westerkade. Please park your bicycle on the Westerkade.
  3. Landhuis in de Stad, Park Oog in Al 1 (Oog in Al). You can find us at the 1st floor in the Terraszaal. Ring the door bell at the 1st floor and we will open the door for you.
  4. Dobri Yogaspace, Händelstraat 83 (Oog in Al)- For our massages!
  5. Ludens Day Care Aspelin(Lombok/Majella), Curaçaostraat 2-1. Ring the doorbell at the black box right of the door, press ‘Contacten’ and choose “Kdv Aspelin” (upper icon). You can find us on the first floor.
  6. Verloskundigenpraktijk Doula, (Zuilen), Prins Bernhardlaan 54 (Zuilen). The door to the yoga space is around the corner at the A.G.H. Fokkerstraat. Knock and we open the door.
  7. Day Care ‘ Olefantje, Nieuwegracht 49, (City Centre).

Massage Location

studio Vandaan – Dobri Yogaspace, Händelstraat 83, Utrecht (Oog in Al)

Massage Bookings