Yoga Locations

  1. Oudegracht 328 at the Wharf – (City Centre) You can find us at the water level (at the wharfs). (Look for the bicycle shop ‘Maring’ at street level, then take the stairs down to the water level, find us at no 328.)
  2. Ruimte voor Aandacht – (City Centre) Singelsteeg 2, Utrecht. This is a small alley from the Westerkade. You can find the entrance to the big yoga room around the corner at the end of the alley. Please park your bicycle at the Westerkade.
  3. Yoga Moves, location – Jan v. Scorelstraat 41, (East) Utrecht.
  4. Yoga Moves, location – St. Janshovenstraat 1, (Wittevrouwen) Utrecht.
  5. Verloskundigenpraktijk Doula, (Zuilen), Prins Bernhardlaan 54 (Zuilen). You can find the entrance to the yoga room around the corner, on the AHG Fokkerstraat. Free parking in front.
  6. BirthSpace – (Leidsche Rijn) Burgermeester Verderlaan 19, Utrecht. Free parking in front.

Massage Locations

  • Paulina & Lizanne (pre & postnatal massages, postpartum treatments, private massage workshop)
    • BirthSpace, Burgermeester Verderlaan 19, Utrecht (Leidsche Rijn)
    • You can find the practice in a business-centre at the Burgermeester Verderlaan 19 in Utrecht. This is very easily reachable through public transport: Buss 4 stops across the street  bus (bus stop “Burgermeester Verderlaan”). There is free parking in the parking lot on site.
  • Maddy (pre & postnatal massages) – her practice is located in the neighboorhood Hoograven. Free parking in front.
  • Monique (pre & postmassages, relaxing massages, private massage workshop). Praktijk MOOZ, Othellodreef 17, Utrecht Overvecht (1st floor, no lift). Station Utrecht Overvecht is at only 5 minutes walk and free parking in front.
  • Danielle (pre & postnatal massages, postpartum treatments, private massage workshop) has her practice in Maurik (in the Betuwe region, at 35 min from Utrecht). Free parking in front.

Massage Bookings & more info