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Studio Vandaan specializes in yoga, massage and retreats before, during and after pregnancy. We offer small scale and personal fertility, prenatal and postnatal yoga classes as well as massages, workshops, courses and retreats, especially designed for new mothers and mothers-to-be. All our activities are guided by our team of loving and professional female teachers, who aim to give new moms and babies the best start in life. Find our weekly classes in our Yoga schedule. All our events can be found in our Agenda. We are looking forward to meet you!



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In case you have a different question, contact us through e-mail at: 

How do I sign up for Yoga?

Are you new with us? To be able to take classes with us, you need to have a B-Sport account. Read all about how create an account and how to sign up for our weekly yoga pregnancy and/or postnatal yoga classes here. Do you already have a B-Sport account? Then you can log in.

How do I sign up for a workshop or course?

Signing up for a group workshop or course can be done easily through our Agenda. Choose the workshop/course and select the date of your choice. You will be asked to log in with B-Sport. Are you new with us? Then you will need a B-sport account to be able to register and join in. Sign up.

What do I take to a live class?

Bring your own yoga mat or a big towel to cover the studio mat. Also bring a warm vest or sweater, warm socks if you like and a bottle of water.  As you cannot change clothes at all our locations, it is advisable to come already dressed in your comfi yoga/ sports clothes.

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

Yes! You can cancel or change your reservation of a weekly yoga class in your B-Sport account free of charge up to 24 hrs prior to the start of class. You can cancel or change your reservation of a workshops, partner class, or (birth prep)course free of charge up to 48 hrs prior to the start of it.  In case of cancellation within this term, we charge the full class, workshop or course fee, independent of the reason for cancelling. 

I am ill, what to do?

When you have fallen ill at the day of your class/workshop/course and you have to cancel your reservation, please let us know asap through e-mail at or send a message at Whats-app 06-41368389, so we can notify the teacher in time. Our cancellation conditions as stated above also apply in the event of illness.

What are your prices?

You are welcome to try a weekly yoga class first with a discounted price, before you decide to join in more often. Here your can find our Yoga Prices and Massage Prices

Can I use my class card – credits for all yoga classes?

Class Card credits are usable for all weekly – pregnancy, postnatal and combi yoga classes; live as well as Zoom classes. You can’t use these credits for the booking of one-time workshops, yoga specials or (online)courses.

What if I give birth early?

No problem! We can extend the validity of your remaining lesson credits so you can join in postnatal yoga classes after birth (from 6 weeks on). Drop us a message after you have given birth, at: 

Do I get an invoice?

Yes! After your purchase, you can find the invoice of it in your personal B-Sport account. Log in. 

Can I declare my invoice?

Wether you can declare your invoice with your insurance company depends on depends on the type of package you have and the requirements of your insurance. We advise you to checkk the requirements first with your insurance company before declaring your invoice. Some insurers set additional requirements for reimbursement

[As we are trained internationally with Birthlight, we are not Omdat wij internationaal zijn opgeleid bij Birthlight ( zijn we not affiliated with the VYN or ‘Samen Bevallen’. We are however registered with the Chamber of Commerce (geregistration number: 30248966 0000) for giving pregnancy yoga and workshops in preparation for childbirth.

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    Yoga locations

    In Utrecht

    We understand that it is most convenient to take classes close to your home. You are welcome in one of several of our different locations in Utrecht; we are located in Utrecht Centre, East, West and Zuilen.

    Some locations are best accessible by bicycle, others are well accessible by car too, such as Midwifery practice Doula (free parking in the neighbourhood) and ‘studio Willem’ at the Oudlaan (free parking at our won parking lot).

    Oudegracht 328 a/d Werf – (Utrecht-Centrum) 10 min walk from Utrecht Central Station. You can find us at the water level (at the wharfs). (Look for the bicycle shop ‘Maring’ at street level, then take the stairs down to the water level, find us at no 328.)

    Yoga Moves, location (ONE) – St. Janshovenstraat 1, Utrecht (small room).

    Yoga Moves, location JvS (HOT) – Jan v Scorelstraat 41, Utrecht (small room).

    Midwifery Practice Doula – (Zuilen), Prins Bernhardlaan 54. You can find the entrance to the yoga room around the corner, on the AHG Fokkerstraat. Free parking in front.

    BirthSpace (alleen workshops) – (Leidsche Rijn) Burgermeester Verderlaan 19, Utrecht. Free parking in front. (Workshops and massages only)

    Studio 110 – Boerhaaveplein 110, Utrecht.

    Studio Willem – Willem Dreeslaan 55, Utrecht. You can find the entrance of our studio at the back of the building, via the Oudlaan. Walk/drive onto our parking lot (free parking) and look for the small door in the corner of the building with the orange poster. Walk through the small hallway, take a right, then a left and you will find our studio next to the kitchen.

    Massage locations

    In Utrecht & the Betuwe

    We understand that the experience of having a relaxt massage is made easier if we are close to your home. Therefore, we are spread all over Utrecht, in Leidsche Rijn ánd in the Betuwe, a region close to Utrecht. You are very welcome at one of our locations.

    Some locations are best accessible by bicycle, others are well accessible by car too, such as Monique’s practice in Overvecht, Maddy’s practice in Hoograven (free parking in the neighbourhood), ‘studio Willem’ at the Oudlaan (free parking at our own parking lot), and Birth Space in Leidsche Rijn (free parking at the parking lot).

    With Lizanne, Marlies or Paulina: BirthSpace: Burgermeester Verderlaan 19, Utrecht (Leidsche Rijn). Well accessible by public transport, free parking.

    With Esther: Oosterkade 11, (Utrecht-centrum) close to train station Vaartsche Rijn, paid parking in a parking garage.

    With Monique: Praktijk MOOZ – Othellodreef 17, Utrecht (Overvecht), free parking.

    With Marlise : Marmamama: Vleutenseweg 82, Utrecht (Lombok), paid parking.

    With Maddy: Sisu Geboortepraktijk: Utrecht (Hoograven), free parking.

    In de Betuwe:

    With DanielleMaurik, de Betuwe (app. 35 min from Utrecht), free parking.

    With Kim: Wombility in Buurmalsen, de Betuwe, (at app. 35 min from Utrecht), free parking.