Fertility Massage

Fertility Massage

Supporting your biggest wish

Fertility Massage

Becoming pregnant is not as simple for everyone as it may look. Some women are confronted with many obstacles in their journey towards motherhood. We aim to be of support in this difficult and challenging time.

As deep relaxation and improving the blood flow in your body are two key elements in boosting your fertility, a specific fertility massage is aimed at exactly that. During the massage there is specific attention for you lower belly and the lower back as to increase blood flow in these important areas. The massage improves both the transport of blood, oxygen and nurtients to important organs like your uterus and ovaries, but also supports the transport of toxins through the lymfatic system. In this way the massage works as a detox for your body as well. In some cases, we will use the ‘cupping‘ method (in which little vacuuum cups are placed on the body) to increase blood flow to specific areas.

Fertililty Massage:

  • Enhances blood flow in the areas of the lower belly and spine.
  • Activates hormone producing organs in your belly
  • Helps you to relax deeply
  • Supports a general sense of calm and well-being
  • Supports a good night’s sleep.

After a number of years trying to conceive with IVF, with in the end a positive result, we wantend to try for a second child. However, we noticed that there was still a lot that not yet been processed from the first IVF process. I was completely out of balance, both mentale and physically. This created a lot of frustration and sadness. Eventualiteit I came  into contact with Anita Dobri, who helped me a lot. Initially with a fertility massage, where I could fully relax, but also came back into contact with myself and dared to feel. My feeling was turned off and I went on autopilot. Then, through conversations during the fertility massages, there was more room to think about how I wantend to continue the process. More peace in my head, better listening to my body and learning to dare to look positively  at the future. It will be trial and error, but I dare to believe in a positieve outcome again!


“Anita is amazing! From the moment I met her, her calm and warm energy had a very positive effect on me. Her fertility massages are really really great but she does more than treating your body. She really helped finding the trust and confidence in my body I needed in order to get pregnant. Through her words and treatments I started to believe I could do it, that I could get pregnant. I really wish I had met her earlier in my journey, it would have made the experience and journey to pregnancy  different. I highly recommend going to see Anita during your fertility journey. She has a lot of knowledge on the female reproductive system, nutrition, movement and most of all her words and energy will make you believe, that you too can get pregnant! She made me believe and it turned out, she was right! I indeed could get pregnant.”


Bookings & Practical Info

Practical info

  • In Corona times we follow a Corona-policy
  • We only massage ladies – sorry!
  • We can adapt the massage to your personal wishes and/or complaints
  • Massages can only be had after a reservation has been made through e-mail, and it has been paid in advance. Due to Anita’s holiday, new appointments can be booked from September 2020 onwards.
  • Location: Händelstraat 83 in Oog in Al, Utrecht.
  • Do you have any qustions? Mail info@studiovandaan.nl

The address for the massages is:

Dobri Yoga space – Händelstraat 83, Oog in Al- Utrecht

“Anita really knows what she’s doing, besides the massage, she takes a lot of time to share different ways of improving your fertility. She’s a wonderful listerner. The massage was really nice, done with a lot of care and love. Afterwards I felt really special and blessed for this experience.”