Holistic Doula Support

Holistic Doula Support 

Support during pregnancy, birth and beyond – with Anita

Usually, the contents of my work as a doula depends on the clients’ situation and when we will meet for the first time (in which week of pregnancy you are). During years of studying and being able to support women during their pregnancy, labour and beyond, I made a perfect series of sessions for mums to be:

  • 1st session/intake – we meet and see how we feel about each other. It takes about 1 h or a bit more. After our first meeting we (you and me, and possibly your (birth)partner) feel if we want to continue to work (don’t like the word “work” as I see my work more as a passion and its more like support, being there for you rather than “work”) together.

After the intake I request some extra information, and I will send you a document with all your options. Pick what suits you and your family best. From here we will discuss our timeline to work together – set dates and I will prepare an agreement document. If we agree on everything, we will set the payment plan and will both sign the agreement. It is always possible to discuss payment options.

  • 2nd session is birth preparation session (2 – 3h session). In this session I share my knowledge, experience and ideas about the nature of birth. I guide you through the process of birth in stages (early stage, active stage, birthing stage). It’s a practical and informative session in which you will learn different breathing, movement and massage techniques for each stage of your labour, you learn how you and your (birth)partner, can assist and encourage the natural process of birth. In a practical way I teach you to understand and feel your own female body (pelvis in relation to giving birth), so you feel confident and can trust your own intuition in the different stages of birth, even when things don’t turn out exactly the way you wish. You can’t predict how birth will unfold itself, but what you can do is to prepare yourself and your (birth)partner with knowledge and practical techniques to have a deeper understanding of the nature of labour, so both of you can make conscious choices and be the ones who make the decisions. I encourage you to be the queen of your own labour! Additionally I guide you through herbal support which can be used both during labour (if it is not progressing) as well as in the postpartum period for afterpains, to heal and to recover in a gentle way.
  • 3rd session is preparation for period after birth (2 – 3h session). This session is suggestible to do around the 8th month of your pregnancy. In this way you become fully aware of the fact that the end of your pregnancy is nearing and a whole new journey lies ahead. So before you give birth and meet your baby, you are already emotionally and also physically prepared: having already prepared healing sets for your vagina to heal better, also meals that are stored in your freezer, different tips and tricks for your baby and you as a mother and also for your partner to support you all in transition to the parenthood in the most gentle way.
  • 4th session is labour – I’ll join you in your labour at whenever moment fits you best, staying up to 3 hours after birth, regardless of how long the process takes (3 hours or 48, I’m there for you). I am there for you, my support really differs from birth to birth, it really depends on the birth flow… It can be emotional and/or physical support by offering options for optimal fetal positioning during labor and birth, comfort encouragement and pain management by offering massage, aromatherapy, acupressure and uninterrupted constant presence. As a herbal healing specialist with your consent I can offer herbal support during different stages of labour and progression. It can work as an extra energy boost if you get too tired or if things don’t progress the way you like it during labour, placenta birth or in the healing process, for instance when dealing with afterpains. I can be there as a spare hand and caring, loving energy or be invisible when you don’t need anyone around.
  • 5th session, after labour – we meet to see where you are. I see how I can support your transition in motherhood (and fatherhood). 2 h
  • 6 th and  7th sessions is your choice of following options:
    • accompany your visit to midwife or hospital
    • birth plan preparation
    • discussing ALL options available for home birth, birth center and hospital, how ‘the system’ that you find yourself in works, and how to work with it to achieve the best result for you
    • anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, how your everyday habits and your postural alignment supports your baby growing and optimal positioning into pelvis for birth
    • nutritional information for pregnancy, birth and postpartum
    • pregnancy or postpartum massage
    • private yoga class (pregnancy or postpartum)
    • baby yoga and massage (teaching parents)

What I do as a Doula:

As a doula I help women and if there is one, their partner, to move through the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period with the aim to encourage a safe and satisfied birth experience. I try to ensure that mother and her partner have the information to make informed decisions during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. The care I provide to you is adapted to your needs and wishes. I will coach you emotionally, psychologically and physically where needed. Please be aware that as a doula I am not officially allowed to check your dilation progress, check the baby’s heartbeat, or make any medical decisions. I will not perform these procedures, also not on your request. These are tasks your midwife/gynecologist will do.


• during pregnancy ongoing call/text/e-mail support during office hours from the moment you sign your contract with me

• 24/7 call/text/e-mail support during the on-call period (on call [period for 5 full weeks : 2 weeks before the week of your due date, your due date week, and 2 weeks after your due date)

• birth support attributes – birth ball, peanut ball, cub that can be used during whole labour and at the pushing phase, defuser, electric candles, rebozo scarf, birthing belt, homeopathy and herbal support, belly bind for after birth.

Price for full package – 7 sessions (minimum of 11 hours of sessions + labour + continuous support during pregnancy and birth) is € 1200,00 (BTW included, travel costs excluded)

Postpartum Doula – New Mama Startup – 12 h support

The New Mama Startup package is divided in 4 sessions of 3 hours each. During these hours I come to your home and you choose your treat for the day:

  • full body relaxation massage
  • special postnatal massage to support your pelvis, back and bones to close and organs to move back to their place
  • belly binding
  • tips and tricks for healing after birth
  • support in nursing your baby
  • breastfeeding support
  • emotional support
  • special nourishing snacks and warm meals

Start your first weeks as a mama with a little extra boost!

New Mama Startup package price – € 520,00 eur (BTW included, travel costs excluded).

Words can not describe what Anita meant to us during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period. But let’s try. Besides that Anita is a beautiful, loving woman, she is also a real professional. The knowledge she has about the capacities of the female body and the passion with which she shares this knowledge is inspiring. The role that Anita played during my pregnancy was very valuable; her role during the delivery and afterwards were priceless. Her caring and unselfishness is of a level I have rarely experienced. Treat yourselfa doula as Anita. It is the best gift you can give yourself and your family during this precious period in life.


At first I was sceptical about having a doula, thinking it may come between myself and my wife, especially during the birth. However my scepticism was shortlived! I was extremely happy with the help and support Anita provided to us both. The prenatal lessons were very informative and helpful in preparing us a little for the new experiences to come. During the pregnancy I was away for work a fair amount and I took comfort in the fact that Anita was able to give support and assistance during those periods and I know it helped my wife a lot to know she was there for her at any time. The amount of support and help offered was really excellent, from pregnancy massage to lessons and advice on diet and relaxation as well as the crucial time during labour where she was on hand to assist and support us as much as we needed. It helped to have her liaise with the staff at hospital so my wife could focus on the labour and I could be there for her at all times. When things got difficult and went on for longer than we expected, Anita was always positive and available to jump in and relieve me, it was really helpful to have her help my wife with practical advice and physical assistance to help ease the labour and the path into this world of our wonderful little son. I will always be grateful to her for all the help, advice and support, before during and even long after our baby was born! I couldn’t recommend her enough!


I highly recommend Anita’s services. I know having her as a companion made all the difference in my pregnancy and that it would have been a lot more difficult without her. Even after my son was born we have continued to keep in touch and it is nice to know she is there for me if I ever need to talk.


The last couple of weeks of my pregnancy were quite uncertain and hectic due to some complications. I met Anita in week 34 of my pregnancy cause she was my replacement yoga teacher. Her yoga class was just what I needed after a visit at the hospital. Her vibe and the conversations I had with her instantly made me feel better. The next couple of weeks Anita helped me with so much, from moxa therapy til food tips. I couldn’t wish for any better support during the last couple of weeks and the first weeks postpartum. Anita was there for me all the time in these difficult, but also very beautiful weeks! Thanks <3


Anita is a warm, energetic, knowledgeable and one of the sweetest persons I know. She is there when you need her in the weeks before, during and after birth. We met to learn about birth, the birth plan, breathing, relaxing exercises and more. Also she is really great in giving massages; which is a real nice moment for yourself (before and after birth), because you deserved it and need to take good care of yourself! She really takes the time for you and your baby. Anita helped me to find confidence in myself, my body and my mind. I am really glad I met Anita and that we are connected. She was (and is) a big support in every way.


Anita is that kind of person you meet and you love..

I really believe in mother nature, i believe in the strength of a mother, of a lion, of your own body. We are much stronger than we sometimes think of expect and we all can do it alone. But for me Anita was the best present i could give myself.. on a moment i didn’t knew i was in need, she changed the whole experience. Thank you for being there and making a painful moment less painful. Making a loving situation extra lovely. Making a hospital a home.


Anita Dobre

Anita is originally from Latvia, is a mom of three beautiful girls and works as a yoga teacher, masseuse but foremost as a prenatal & postnatal doula. She is extremely passionated about birth and all it involves. She continues to inspire women and their partners every day with her magical classes, massages and personal support to moms to be before, during and after giving birth. She is a highly valued member of our team!

Practical info

  • If you are interested in Anita’s doula support or the New Mama Start-up Package, or you have any questions, please contact us at info@studiovandaan.nl.
  • The sessions will take place in Dobri Yoga Space: Händelstraat 83, Utrecht.