Ultimate relaxation, before, during or after pregnancy

Enjoy an hour of ultimate relaxation with massage, either before, during or after your pregnancy.

Fertility Massage

As deep relaxation and improving the blood flow in your body are two key elements in boosting your fertility, a specific fertility massage is aimed at exactly that. During the massage there is specific attention for you lower belly and the lower back as to increase blood flow in these important areas.

Pregnancy Massage

This soft prenatal massage is suitable for all pregnant women and helps the pregnant body to restore and to relax deeply. We use either a special pregnancy  massage table or a warm water massage matras filled with warm water, which adapts to your body’s shape and therefore enables you to lie extra comfortably, and to relax even deeper, even when you are in your last trimester.

Postnatal Massage

In the post partum period physical and mental recovery and relaxation are central. During this soft and relaxing full body massage with warm oil you lay on a professional massage table. Special attention is paid to the belly and back area and to relax back, shoulder and neck muscles.

Relaxation Massage

The techniques in this relaxation massage are derived from both the Balinese, Thai yoga and Swedish relaxation massage. Its a combination of acupressure with palm and thumb massage as well as long an circular strokes. This massage supports relaxation and helps increasing your life energy and balancing your body and mind.

Post Partum Treatment for New Moms (at home)

Spoil yourself after Birth

with this special Post Partum Treatment you are thoroughly spoiled by our professional masseuses Danielle or Paulina. Combining a full body massage with special attention for the muscles of the back, your belly, a foot massage, a moxa stick treatment and a diastase check and advise on post partum recovery. All of this to help your body close, restore and relax after birth. Set yourself up for both physical recovery and a mindful and conscious start of your motherhood.

The Post Partum treatment lasts for 2 hrs and takes place at your home in Utrecht province or Gelderland. It can be booked from your 7th day post partum onwards. Even after 6 months this treatment is still effective in helping you close the beautiful phase of pregnancy.

You can only take care of others when you take care of yourself first

Bookings & Practical Info

  • Enjoy a specific massage before, during or after your pregnancy
  • We can adapt the treatment to your personal wishes and/or complaints.
  • Massages can only take place with a booking made in advance.
  • Locations: You can join us in one of our locations in Utrecht or around Culemborg.
  • In case of post partum treatments we visit you at home.
  • Do you want to place a booking or you have any questions? Mail us at to see when we can book a spot for you.