Postnatal Mama Massage

Postnatal Mama Massage

You can only take care of others when you take care of yourself first

The weeks and months after birth form a unique phase in a woman’s live. It is a phase in which self care is more important than ever.

During pregnancy and vaginal birth your body has delivered a top performance, and both after vaginal birth and c-section, your body needs ample time, rest and relaxation to physically recover. Massage can be very supportive of your recovery process in many ways:

  • Massage stimulates blood flow, which enables both the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the whole of the body, and the clears the body of its waste products.
  • Massage helps to balance and support blood flow to the hormone producing organs, which can support both a more stable hormonal balance, as well as contribute to your emotional and mental well-being.
  • Massage enables you to rest and relax in a deep and profound way, to balance those broken nights.
  • The massage pays explicit attention to the relaxation of the shoulder and upper back area, which may feel tense as a result of the many (breast)feeding times.

Not just a massage:

In short, a postnatal Mama massage will support both your physical, hormonal, mental and emotional recovery after birth.

Your treatment is offered to you by one of our specialized massage therapists. At studio Vandaan, we are much more than just masseuses. We are either also prenatal & postnatal yoga teacher or doula and we even have a former physiotherapist among us. We not only bring our our warm hands but also our knowledge about the female body, pregnancy and birth to the massage table, to answer any questions or worries you may have.

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Bookings & Practical Info

Postnatal Massage

  • We offer the postnatal Mama Massage at different massage locations in Utrecht (see below).
  • We can adapt the treatment to your needs, physical complaints or requests.
  • The treatment can only take place after a booking and payment has been made.
  • Tarif: €85,00 for 75 min – consisting of a warm welcome, a 60 min full body massage and time to discuss your wishes and any questions you may have over a cup of warm tea.
  • For booking or any questions, mail us at Please mention the location or day/time of your choice in your e-mail.


  • Location 1: with Lizanne (Mondays, Tue/Th/Fr morning, some weekends), not in August – or with Paulina (days are flexible), at the locationBirthspace –  Burgermeester Verderlaan 19, in Leidsche Rijn,Utrecht.
    For an appointment, mail Lizanne or Paulina at:
  • Location 2: with Monique on Mondays during the day. Her practice is at Othellodreef 17, Utrecht. (Overvecht). For an appointment, mail Monique at
  • Location 3: with Daniëlle (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the day, in Maurik (de Betuwe, close to Culemborg). For an appointment, mail Danielle at

Post Partum Treatment!

Spoil yourself even more with our new and special 2 hours Post Partum Treatment! Especially designed to give newly born moms all that they need for a great start to their motherhood. This special treatment will set your body up to closerecover and relax. During the treatment you will receive a:

  • Relaxing & soft massage of back, neck, and shoulders
  • Gentle belly massage focused to aid digestion and help your organs to find their place where they used to be before pregnancy
  • Feet massage for relaxation and grounding, feeling stability at your feet
  • Moxa stick treatment to warm up body, to aid digestion and help hormon relaxin flow out of the body allowing your body to close after birth in optimal way,
  • Rectus muscles check – to see if your belly muscles have moved back together after birth, if there is a gap, tips how to support closing and avoid opening (everyday habits, baby holding, postpartum breathing exercise)
  • Optional: Bekung belly binding to support natural healing and closing after birth (replacing Diastase check & Moxa).

More info & Bookings

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