Post Partum Treatment

Post Partum Treatment

Spoil yourself after birth

Spoil yourself after birth

You can only take care of others when you take care of yourself first

Option 1: Post Partum Treatment (2hrs)

The post partum phase, is the period directly after birth. In this special period, both mental and physical recovery and relaxation are key and it is extra important to take good care of yourself and let yourself be spoiled. How to better do this than with our new and special Post Partum Treatment? Especially designed to give newly born moms all that they need, this special treatment will help your body close, recover and relax. During the treatment you will receive a:

  • Relaxing & soft massage (of back, neck, and shoulders)
  • Moxa stick treatment to warm up your body, to aid digestion and help hormon relaxin flow out of the body allowing your body to close after birth in optimal way,
  • Gentle belly massage focused to aid digestion and help your organs to find their place where they used to be before pregnancy
  • Rectus diastasis muscles check – to see if your belly muscles have moved back together after birth, if there is a gap, tips how to support closing and avoid opening (everyday habits, baby holding, postpartum breathing exercise)
  • Feet massage for relaxation and grounding, feeling stability at your feet

In some cases we can do a Bekung Belly Bind; a Malaysian way to wrap the new mother into a long cotton cloth to give her both mental and physical support. This is only indicated in specific cases. In one of the treatments we can also teach you to bind yourself.

In short this special post partum treatment will help you to ease into the transition to motherhood and to set yourself up for both physical recovery and a mindful and conscious start of your post partum period.

The treatment lasts for 2 hrs and takes place at your home (in Utrecht Province or Gelderland, around Culumborg). It can be booked from your 7th day post partum onwards. Even after 6 months this treatment is still effective in helping you close the beautiful phase of pregnancy.

I received the post part treatment a week after i gave birth to my lovely son. It was a fast birth and my body and mind were still processing what had happened. The soft and loving massage by Anita helped me to relax and soften into the new motherhood experience. I was amazed about the heat of the moxa stick and how it helped my belly relax after experiencing contractions for days after I gave birth. My treatment was sealed with the Bekung Belly Binding. The tightness of the bind gave me a great feeling; supported, strong and safe. I can highly recommend this treatment quite soon after birth as my belly felt so strange and empty and this really helped me to find a new balance. For me, the combination of moxa therapy, massage and the belly binding is amazing – it really works effectively to close the phase pf pregnancy and enter the new stage of motherhood.


Option 2: Post Partum Massage(90min)


The 90 min Post Partum massage is a soft and relaxing full body massage with warm oil, specifically designed for the recovery of new moms. The massage takes place at your home so you don’t have to travel. We take all we need with us.  The massage supports not only your physical recovery, but also aids your emotional balance. We give special attention to the shoulder, neck, lower back and belly area, and can adapt the massage to your needs or wishes at the time.

The massage lasts for 90 min. and takes place at your home (in Utrecht Province or Gelderland, around Culumborg). It can be booked from your 7th day post partum onwards. I want this!

Bookings & Practical Info

Postpartum Treatment (2hrs) or Massage

  • The treatment/massage will be at your home.
  • When you live in Utrecht-city, travel costs are included in the price, parking costs are not.
  • We also work in Utrecht Province and Gelderland, around Culemborg. We add some time/travel costs to come to your home.
  • We can adapt the treatment to your needs and requests.
  • The treatment can only take place after a booking and payment has been made.
  • Price:
    • PP Treatment € 175,00 for a 2 hr session at your home. Order me here!
    • PP Massage € 135,00 for 90 min session at your home. Order me here!
  • Or rather the full package of 3 sessions of 2 hrs? For a total of €460,00 Paulina/Danielle will visit you 3 times at your home, do a belly bind and can teach you to do the bind yourself. We ask a €25,00 deposit for the bind. Order me here!
  • Appointments are planned after you gave birth.

    Bookings or questions? Mail us at

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