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    Self Care after Birth

Post Partum

In the first 6 weeks after birth (the post partum time) you set yourself up for the rest of your motherhood. It is the perfect time to take really good care of yourself, or let others take care of you! Our aim is to support new moms and their little ones in the best way possible in this unique period after birth.

We look forward to pampering you with an extensive post partum treatment or a lovely relaxing post partum massage at your home, or welcome you in a postnatal yoga class.

We offer both group Postnatal Yoga Classes (75 min) at our studio, as well as private class options at your home in Utrecht and surroundings. (Travel costs may apply).

Post Partum & Postnatal Options

Post Partum Treatment (2hrs)

No better time to be pampered than those first weeks after birth! We come to your house to treat you to a full body massage (with special attention for belly, back and shoulders), a moxa treatment and a diastasis check. You receive advise on your postpartum recovery and you can pose any question you have. More info.

Bookable in Utrecht / Culemborg and surroundings, or the Betuwe (Gelderland).

Post Partum Massage (90min)

A wonderfully relaxing full-body massage, helping your mind and body to restore in those first intense weeks after birth. We come to your house for this massage which pays special attention to your belly, back and shoulder area. It can be adapted to your personal situation and wishes.

Bookable in Utrecht / Culemborg and surroundings, or the Betuwe (Gelderland).

Postnatal Massage (60min)

This relaxing full body massage helps you to rebalance after the first 6 weeks postpartum. The massage can be adapted to your personal needs and wishes. For this massage, we welcome you to our studio in Utrecht.

Private Postnatal Yoga Class

In a private yoga class after birth, our specialised yogateacher will discuss and practice with you essential breathing techniques to strengthen your body from the inside out, as well as postures and movements to bring your body together after pregnancy and birth. The class can be adapted to suit your needs and physical complaints. Suitable 6 weeks+ after birth.

Bookable in Utrecht / Culemborg and surroundings, or the Betuwe (Gelderland).

Post Partum Prep Workshop (Private)

Aiming to be well prepared for the time after Birth?

In the Postpartum Prep workshop, we share our knowledge about and will guide you through the time after birth. It is a practical self-preparation workshop, aimed at providing you with the necessary knowledge and tools so you can support yourself during the transition of motherhood. You will here about the first days when the baby arrives, the first weeks of being home together, we will look into a nourishing diet, how to take care of your postpartum body and mind, how to trust your mothering instincts, how to nurture yourself first so you can nurture your baby, how to ask for help, how to involve your surroundings and how to set up a plan for the postpartum period in advance.

More info.