Postpartum Prep – What to expect after giving birth? (workshop)

Postpartum Prep

What to expect after childbirth?
Practical tips & tricks for every mom-to-be

Postpartum Prep Workshop:

What to expect after child birth?

The postpartum period (which begins immediately after child birth and extends for about six weeks, as the mother’s body returns to the pre-pregnant state) is a time for deep rest and rejuvenation. Through the process of birth, the body is weak, the tissues are depleted and the digestion is severely impaired. New mothers are as delicate as their newborns at this time. In order to give our children all the love and attention they deserve, we need to be strong, healthy and well balanced. Our babies receive all of their nourishment through us. If we do not take care of ourselves properly, it our precious newborn suffers as well.

In this postpartum ‘What to expect After Birth?’- workshop we will guide you through the time after birth, what to expect when your baby arrives. It will be practical self-preparation course, so you can support yourself into transition of motherhood as smooth as possible. We will talk about first days when the baby arrive, first weeks of being home, we will look into nourishing diet, how to take care of your postpartum body and mind, how to trust your mothering instincts, how to nurture yourself, so you can nurture your baby, how to ask for help, how to involve your surroundings and how to set up a plan for the postpartum period.

Teacher: Doula Paulina Glapinsky

Paulina is pedagogue, mother of two lively sons and has been working as a doula since 2013. She believes birth is a big life event  in which the women should be central. In her guidance as a pre and postnatal doula, Paulina tries to inspire women and their partners to follow their own truths and wisdom during birth so that they can look back proudly and in a sastisfactory way on their birth experience.

Paulina knows both from her own experience as well as from her doula clients how important a good start of the postpartum phase is. It is her mission to prepare pregnant women to this, sometimes challenging phase of their lives as new moms. With her practical view on things, her no-nonsense approach and professional experience, she can give you the best tips, so that you as a new mom can enjoy and live through the postpartum phase in the best possible way.

Paulina also offers consults to support women after a birth trauma, a traumatic past or in case of a strong fear for birth. She uses both awareness, mindfulness and diverse practical techniques, which the women can use in daily life, to address the issues at hand.

Read more about Paulina.

Postpartum Prep Workshop met Paulina

Paulina wrote a very relevant blog post about her own postpartum experiences as a new mom. She learned a lot from it and suggests it is time for a postpartum revolution!

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“It’s time for a Postpartum Revolution!”

Doula Paulina Glapinsky – Read her Blog

Practical Information Postpartum Prep Workshop

  • Teacher: Paulina Glapinsky
  • Dates of groupworkshops in DUTCH:
    • Friday 31 may: 18.30-21.00 uur > Sign me up
    • Friday 14 june:18.30-21.00 uur > Sign me up
    • In case you want to follow the workshop in English: please contact us to see what we can arrange!
    • Location: Ruimte voor Aandacht – Singelsteeg 2, Utrecht-centre (side street to the Westerkade)
    • Price: €40,00 for you
    • Is your partner joining in? The price for you together is: €65,00. Send us an e-mail to sign you up together at: and you can pay for your partner here.
    • Places are limited to 8 people.
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Rather a private session?

There are cases in which a private session suits you best. For instance when you want to take the workshop in English (or Polish!), or when you have specific requests or experiences. Paulina offers private classes at your home! We offer this special workshop in English with Paulina. Get in touch if you like to book it through

Price: € 120,00,- for 2 hrs. Day and time are flexible. Location: at your home in Utrecht-city.