Prenatal / Pregnancy Yoga

Relaxed and Consciously Present during this pregnancy


Studio Vandaan specializes in relaxation and movement before, during and after pregnancy, with fertility, prenatal and postnatal yoga and massages. We offer you small scale and personal yoga classes, massages, workshops, courses and retreats.

Whether it’s before, during or after pregnancy; you are always welcome for yoga with us. All our activities are guided by our team of loving and professional female teachers, who aim to give new moms and babies the best start in life. Take classes whenever it suits you and at any location, be it at home or live in Utrecht. Feel free to try it first. We are looking forward to meet you!

Pregnancy Yoga

You are welcome to join our classes from 14 weeks of pregnancy on, until the moment you will give birth. We aim to help you to stay healthy, relaxed and feeling strong during your pregnancy. To feel connected to your baby, your body and the other moms-to-be, and to help you look forward to giving birth with confidence and trust.

Our Birthlight Prenatal Yoga

  • Supports physical health, posture and  je lichamelijke fitheid, je houding en mobility.
  • Increases your body awareness and helps you feel what you need right now.
  • Increases your physical and mental strength, confidence and intuition.
  • Relaxes your body and mind and helps you make space for yourself and your baby.
  • Lets you connect with your baby
  • Teaches you postures, movements and transitions that you can use during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Offers space for questions and exchange with other mothers-to-be

“Danielle is a fantastic yoga teacher! Her classes are an extension of her personality: she is clear, very knowledgable, optimistic, has a great sense of humor and is, most of all, a very warm person. I can highly recommend her as a yoga teacher as I am very enthusiastic about her!”

Anne, Mother of two

studio Vandaan in Utrecht

Our Classes

Weekly Yoga Classes

We offer weekly prenatal (pregnancy) and postnatal yoga classes at different locations in Utrecht, during the week and in the weekend, in the morning and evenings. This way there is always a suitable lesson near you. Pregnancy yoga is suitable for all mothers-to- be and you are welcome from 14 to 42 weeks of pregnancy. No yoga experience nor any flexibilty is necessary :-).

Signing up is easy – and necessary – through our registration system B-sport to be able to reserve your spot in one of our classes. You can join in when, where and as often as you like. All of our weekly classes are accessible for English speakers! You are welcome to try our yoga first, buying a discounted trial class credit.

Rather practice at home? Take one of our weekly live-stream Zoom yoga classes!

Private Classes

In case you have specific whishes, are experiencing any physical (pelvic) issues or being pregnant has a significant impact on your mental or emotional state, a private prenatal yoga class with your favorite teacher, may be just the solution for you. The private class is adapted to your personal situation and takes place at your home, at a date and time that suits you best, so you can relax completely.

Private Birth Prep

If you feel a private birth prep class or course would suit you best, we have several options for you. All the necessary info you can find here. If you have any questions on these options, do not hesitate to contact us!


Birth Prep

Birth Preparation

Giving birth can be a life-changing event. A good preparation, both physically and mentally can make a tremendous difference for the way you experience the birth of your baby. The aim is not to be in control, in fact, being well prepared and knowing your wishes and options, allows you to let go more fully and focus on the process of birth.

We offer different options to be well prepared for birth, for you as a mom-to-be and perhaps with your (birth) partner together.

Group Class or Course:
  1. We offer a monthly comprehensive Birth Prep Course of 2 x 2 hour classes on a Friday evening, always in English.
  2. We offer a more compact Partner Class of 2 hours on a Friday evening, which is taught in English every other month.

We advise you to plan a birth prep course or class around your 35th week of pregnancy. Read more about our group and private Birth Preparation options.

Class Prices

Trial Class

Try a class first with a discounted price, before you decide to continue. You can use this class credit for all weekly classes.


Class Credit

Be super flexible and pay per class. You can use the credit for all weekly classes.


Private Yoga Class

If you have specific questions, want more personal guidance, or are in a specific situation, a private birth prep class or course may just be the right option for you. The class takes place at your home and you can plan the class in in consultation with one of our teachers. (Travel costs outside Utrecht abd/or parking costs are excluded).


Prices Class Cards

5 x Class Card

You can use the credits for all weekly yoga classes. Valid for 10 weeks. In case you give birth early, you can use the credits for Postnatal yoga classes.


10 x Class Card

Our best seller option! You can use the card for all of our weekly classes and is valid for 25 weeks. When you give birth earlier than expected, you can use the credits for postnatal yoga too.


25 x Class Card

Get the best price per class possible! For only €13,00 per yoga class you can take yoga classes 9 months long, and use them for both pregnancy classes ánd postnatal classes after birth.


What do they think of our classes?

“I honestly couldn’t be more thankful for your guidance and advice. I basically gave birth using the birthing exercises and positions you suggested. Thing is, they were very impressed by my movements and the breathing. I gave your name to all the personnel that helped me deliver my baby. They couldn’t believe I gave birth based on yoga coaching.

To be honest I will miss our prenatal sessions having also my little one in my tummy. But I’m looking forward to our next classes. I enjoy yoga a lot but you are one of the few instructors that motivated me so much to keep going. Thank you very much again for everything.”

– Marina, took prenatal classes with Nadine

“Danielle is a fantastic yoga teacher! Her classes are an extension of her personality: she is clear, very knowledgable, optimistic, has a great sense of humor and is, most of all, a very warm person. I can highly recommend her as a yoga teacher as I am very enthusiastic about her!”

– Anne, Mom of two kids, took prenatal yoga classes through Zoom