Prenatal Yoga Course (6x)


met 6 verschillende themalessen

Prenatal Yoga Course

This prenatal yoga course consists of 6 themed classes of 90 minutes which are especially designed for moms-to-be as of 14 weeks of pregnancy. Every class discusses a different hot topic in pregnancy and combines prenatal yoga practice, with meditation, information and sharing. You can follow the course as a whole or take part in any of the separate classes. The course forms a great addition to our weekly prenatal yoga classes.

This 6-week prenatal course is ideal for expecting mothers who are seeking holistic support and preparation for one of the most important stages in their lives – motherhood. Through dedicated prenatal yoga practice, this course will inform, prepare and empower you during your pregnancy and labour.

Pre-Natal Yoga allows you to transit into motherhood in a confident and self-assuring way. It gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your intuitive, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. It also provides precious time for you to bond with your growing baby and connect with the miraculous changes occuring within you, as each week goes by.

Each week we will touch base on a different topic combined with pranayama (breathing), asana’s (postures and movement) and relaxation.

Start of the course:

Sat 5 oktober or sat 16 november 2019

What do we do in the course?

Each week we will touch base on a different topic combined with pranayama (breathing), yoga asana’s (postures and movement) and deep relaxation.

Week 1 Grounding
As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, a lot of changes come your way .This, alongside our already busy lives, can make it challenging for us to enjoy the journey by staying mindful and present of our physical and emotional state. In this class we will practice staying in the moment, becoming aware of any sensations physically and emotionally without judgement. Once present and aware, the journey you’re on as mother will become a conscious and joyful one. Take this time (and tools!) to connect with yourself and your baby.

Week 2 – Going with the flow
Let’s face it, pregnancy comes with a lot of unanswered questions. When will I start showing? When will this morning sickness go away? How will I respond when labour gets tough? Sure, you can prepare yourself in certain areas, but everyone is unique which means no two journey’s will be the same. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is to let go, and learn to  go with the flow! An amazing tool to guide you through pregnancy, labour and motherhood. Kids will keep you on your toes from the day you become pregnant!

Week 3 – Intuition
What really happens during labour? Your body is the best gynecologist you’ll ever meet with the best drugs in town! In this class we will touch base on which hormones get released during which stage of labour…and why! It will make it easier to surrender to your body during strong sensations if you have a better understanding of what is happening. During this practice we will tune into our intuition to listen more closely to our body and hear what it has to say and how we can work with it.

Week 4 – Trust in yourself/releasing fear.
This class dives a bit deeper in following your intuition and trusting your body which will allow you to work with any arising sensations, rather then trying to make them go away (which is essentially working against what your body is trying to do). We will practice how to keep the mind gentle and relaxed and building that trust with ourselves.

Week 5 – Self care
Did we get the right shade of green for the baby’s room? Do we have enough nappies?  Women are a-ma-zing at taking care of others, meaning we can forget about ourselves. It is pivotal for a mother to start taking care of herself as well. Take this time to fully relax and unwind whilst gently developing your boundaries. 

Week 6 – Support
What kind of birth would you like to aim for? Who, and what, do you need to achieve this? What kind of support do you have lined up once baby is out? And how do you feel about reaching out for support? Again, a lot to think about once you’re pregnant. Our environment has a big impact on our wellness and also our labour which is why it’s so important to get everyone (!) on the same page as you! This class will also cover several poses and stretches you can do together with your partner at home (and in the delivery room) to work on feeling connected and supported through physical contact. This also gives the partner a sense of accomplishment and something tangible that they can work with.

If you are experiencing any complications or discomfort, please let us know before class. Our teacher can then help make any necessary adjustments for you.

TIP! You can book the course as a whole here (with a discount!), or participate in any of the separate classes by booking your spot through the yoga kalender.

Andrea Geluwie

Andrea is a certified Hatha, slow-flow and prenatal yoga teacher. She has finished her trainings in Australia where she lived for 9 years and where she had 3 kids. Sport, movement and coaching have always played an important part of her life. After her third child was born her passion for prenatal yoga and supporting (pregnant) women developed. Now she is back in the Netherlands, she has deepened her knowledge in the field even further by taking part in the Birtlight prenatal yoga teacher training this year. Now she is more than ready to share her experience and extensive knowledge in our studio by teaching this special 6-week prenatal yoga course at our new location, studio Cremerstraat near the Majella park in Utrecht.

Practical Info

  • Course dates:
  • Course 1: Sat-morning 9.30-11.00 hrs at 5, 12, 19, 26 okt, 2 en 9 nov 2019
  • Course 2: Sat-morning 9.30-11.00hrs at 16, 23, 30 nov en 7, 14, 21 dec 2019
  • Teacher: Andrea Geluwie
  • Prices: Whole course (6x) for €105,00 OR €20,00 per 90 min class. In case you have a 5, 10 or 25-class card, please e-mail us so we can use one of your credits and you can pay € 5,00 extra with this special link.
  • Signing up: Signing up for the whole course (6 classes) can be done directly  here. Signing up for any separate class can be done through our yoga calender. If you have a class card and want to use one or more of your credits; send us an e-mail to sign you up.

  • Location: Cremerstraat 390, close to the Majellapark, Nieuw Engeland, Utrecht
  • You can find our studio at the corner of the Frederik van Eedenstraat/Cremerstraat 390, close to the Majellapark. The building has a garden and a fence with a gate.  The gate and front door will be open for you, and you can find the yoga studio on the first floor.

Giving birth soon?

Birth Prep

We offer two great private options to prepare for birth together in English.

We advise you to plan any of the two options at around 35 weeks of pregnancy.

Book a private Partnerclass in English of 2 hrs and learn all you need to know about (natural) birth, giving birth together, the role of your (birth) partner and the most important breathing techniques, movements and poses which support the natural birth process.


Book a private Birth Prep Class in English of 3 hrs, for you alone or for you and your (birth) partner in which we explain you all about giving birth naturally and discuss all you need to know to help you have a positive birth experience. We explain about the process of birth, practice the most important breathing techniques, movements and poses which support this process and if you wish, we elaborate on the role of your (birth) partner in all of this.


Teacher:  In English with Anita, Eveline, José, Ina or Andrea

Price: Private Partner class (2 hrs) €120,00 – Private Birth Prep Class (3 hrs): €180,00

Timing: Day and time are flexible and can be discussed with your favorite teacher.
Location: at your home in Utrecht-city or at the teacher’s home in Utrecht.

To book a private class: call or mail Danielle at 06-41368389 or