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Yoga DVD

Let the Breath Guide You

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The English Yoga DVD two complete Vinyasa flow yogalessen of 60 min and two guided meditations. In vinyasa yoga we are led by the breath. Movement follows a deep and full yogic breath. The yoga sessions include a practice of breath awareness, a thorough warm up an active middle part and a final relaxation.

The yoga sessions have their own theme:

Moving the Spine

This first session is specifically suited for beginning yoga practicioners. It aimes to increase our awareness of the spine and to explore its movement, with twists and light backbends. Moreover we aim to increase spinal flexibilty and strengthening of the muscles that support the spine.

‘Grounding & Balancing

The second yogaseries consists of slightly more challenging poses as it includes a series of sun salutes and standing postures to effectively strengthen and stretch the large muscle groups of our body. As our mind works to support the body in these poses, completing this series leads to a quiet mind and a full release of tension during the end relaxation.


Included on the DVD are two guided meditations in which the breath functions as an anchor to focus the mind. Our challenge is not to drift off (which we will probably do), but to return as soon as we notice our mind wandering off.