Breech Baby Session

Solving the Breech Baby

Helping your baby turn for birth

Breech Baby Session

What can you do yourself when your baby is positioned in a breech position at the end of your pregnancy (3rd trimester/ 26-40 weeks).

Our lifestyle during the pregnancy and every day habits, how we sit, sleep, walk, even cycle on the bike, greatly contribute to the baby’s possibility to find optimal position in the womb and later on in the pelvis before the birth. In the modern society we have a quite static, asymmetric and chaotic lifestyle. Sitting in a car, on a train, at work, on a couch, standing with one leg on the pedal at the red light, wearing a bag on one shoulder, leaning on one hip as well as stress and constant social pressure (Do you recognize yourself in this?). Due to these factors, we often miss the body balance. Instead of choosing the body work that “work in”, there is a tendency to look for a “work out”. As a result, our body is too tense. The ligaments and muscles are too tight and baby simply doesn’t have enough space to use the gravity and turn into head-down position.

The good thing is – you can do something about it! The earlier the better, they say, but it’s never too late, we add.

We are two doulas – Alise and Anita and we would gladly share our knowledge in the Breech baby session. In 1 hour session one of us will explain and show you how to work with your own body and how aligned and balanced body might help your baby to make a turn head-down – the best possible position for birth. Together we practice different gentle techniques which you will be able to take home with you. Our approach is customized, based on where you are in your pregnancy right now. We adapt the sequence of techniques/ exercises and suggest how often to repeat them, so you are encouraged and feel confident to practice on your own or together with your partner.

Anita is a mom to three daughters, and works as a pre-en postnatal doula and masseuse. In addition, she finished her prenatal, postnatal and well-women yoga teacher training with Birthlight in Utrecht. As Anita is originally from Latvia, she teaches in English.

Alise Gulāne works as a prenatal doula. She is originally from Latvia, but love brought her to the Netherlands. She teaches in English.

Boekingen & Praktische Info

Location: The session takes place at your home (if you live in Utrecht-City) or at Dobri Yoga Space– home studio – located in Utrecht, Oog in Al.
Spoken language: English

Tarif: €65,00 for a session of 60 minutes. Order the session HERE.

Combination: Combine the Breech Baby session with a prenatal (pregnancy) massage of 60 min and pay €120,00 for a total of 2 hrs.

Do you have any questions or want to book the session? Mail us at:

The adress for the session is:

Dobri Yoga space – Händelstraat 83, Oog in Al- Utrecht

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