Sacred Motherhood Dance class

Sacred Motherhood Dance

Dance class for pregnancy & post-partum period

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Sacred Motherhood Dance

Dance itself has existed before written language, it was part of the ritualistic, spiritual and medicinal means of our ancestors and intimately linked to birth-giving, fertility and sacred womanhood.

Brilliantly created, Stephanie Larson in the USA designed classes to bring dance during pregnancy, birth and after birth for women as she herself experienced immense benefits of dance during motherhood.

Dancing for Birth classes (DFB) during pregnancy and the post-partum period with babies are designed for women looking for an embodied (out of the head and into their body) way to journey into pregnancy, birth giving, the critical post-partum period and motherhood.

Beyond a fun workout or cognitive preparation, DFB classes are facilitated to kindle re-connection to the innate and ancient wisdom in our body to birth and nurture children and ourselves. The use of feminine dance movement, tribal music, guidance into the pelvic region and the simple gathering of women fires up deep connection, bonding, empowerment, sensuality and pleasure (critical oxytocin and endorphin factors during pregnancy, birth and motherhood).

This class is not designed to replace birth-education for women or the assistance of midwives and doulas but to complement such support and more importantly to provide a strong basis that women can embody, that women can carry with them all the time, the stamina and endurance for the physical demands of motherhood and the owning of their natural wisdom and ability to find pleasure and nurturing in their own body. Midwives and Doulas are encouraged/invited to attend with their clients (free of charge during regular classes).

These classes induce a deeper understanding of one’s body through sensing, exploring and discovering sensual movements which are relevant for all women at any stage in life but even more so during life transitions such as motherhood. During the session, there is connection to our feminine body with particular focus on the pelvic area, connection to our baby and to other women in a fun, positive and inviting way.

The classes are set-up so that they create a female tribe environment, where they can openly share their physical and emotional state, the instructor guides the group into inspirational sharing, affirmations, pelvic bowl/womb meditation and basic information about birth (such as pelvic floor mechanics, how to contract and release, recommended birthing positions, the importance of grounding during birth, etc.).

What you can also expect from this class is a workout and a “work-in” that strengthens the legs, releases tension of the back, shoulders and neck, and helps you anchor in your pelvis in preparation for and recovery after birth. You can be sure that during these 90 minutes, you will journey into the enjoyment and power of pregnancy through different feminine dance techniques and the encouragement of the group and the instructor. Classes are in English, but Nadia speaks Dutch too so can always translate!

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No dance experience needed! You just need to be at least 12 weeks pregnant to join. If you have a high risk pregnancy you need to have your midwives’ written permission to join or you can bring your birth professional to the class (free of charge). For post-partum mamas, you are welcome 40 days after your birth-giving date, with baby strapped to your chest or back with a sling or, if you wish feel welcome to join in without your baby in case you crave self-connection and restoration alone.

Nadia Duran

Nadia is a native South-American but living in The Netherlands. She was trained in business engineering and finance management but after a major burnout, she has been dedicated to finding nurturing in the journey of motherhood, embodying and developing deeper body-awareness, studying female psychology, trauma, holistic health practices and following her calling to bring sacred feminine practices back to daily life. She is co-founder of CUNA Women’s Sanctuary, a certified DFB instructor, yoga teacher, women circles facilitator, and feminine coach. She believes we can achieve wholeness in our feminine bodies through movement, gathering in women circles and reclaiming cyclical wisdom.

For more information about Nadia’s sanctuary work, please visit CUNA:

Praktische Info

  • Data: Zaterdag 19 jan 10.30-12.00 uur
    Tarief: € 18,00 per class
  • Locatie: studio Vandaan, Lange Viestraat 2, Utrecht*
  • Docente: Nadia Duran, yoga teacher & certified DFB instructor
  • Aanmelden: Je aanmelden voor de cursus kan via ons yogalesschema.
  • * Locatie: Onze studio vind je op de Lange Vliestraat 2, Utrecht (De Planeet), tegenover de Bijenkorf. Om de voordeur van ons pand te vinden: neem bij de ingang van ‘De Planeet’ de lift naar de 2e verdieping, daar zie je de voormalige HKU voordeur aan je rechterhand.Omdat we in een erg groot pand zitten, komt de docente je bij de voordeur ophalen uiterlijk 5 minuten voor aanvang van de les; kom dus op tijd! Kom je met je kleintje; kom dan iets eerder!