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Shantala Baby Massage Workshop

During a workshop or course Babymassage you learn how to massage your child using the Shantala Babymassage method. Babymassage is a nice and accessible way to relax together as a parent and make contact with your child to strengthen your bond. Everyone can learn the massage. By massaging with attention you are working with your little one in a different, more conscious way than you do during practical feeding and caring.

Shantala Baby Massage

Shantala was an Indian mother who massaged her baby (like almost all mothers in India) daily. In gratitude for her participation in a film and book on baby massage, this method of baby massage was named after her.

Baby massage is not only great fun to do, but it is also a beautiful way to show your love for your little one, give security and confidence to your child. Moreover, regular massage has a beneficial effect on babies who suffer from symptoms such as stomach cramps, restlessness and frequent crying. The massage stimulates the development of the senses, feeling, the circulation of the baby’s body, the development of the muscles and the body awareness of your little one. Paulina, Lizanne, Jolien and Maddy are all certified teachers of Shantala Babymassage.

The workshop and course Babymassage are suitable for babies from 6 weeks to about 9 months (until your baby can roll over or becomes very active).

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Practical Information Group Workshop Shantala Baby Massage

The group baby massage workshop is suitable for one parent and one baby, takes 1.5 hours and is a great way to get a taste of Shantala Baby Massage and discover what it is like for your baby. You will learn some basic baby massage techniques and unfortunately cannot treat the entire body in the workshop. If you would like to learn the entire massage, you are welcome for a private Baby Massage course.

Location: The group workshop will be held at Birth Space, Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht.
Fee: Group workshop (1,5h): € 40,00.
Dates and further practical information can be found in our Agenda.
Sign up: You can sign up for the group workshop Babymassage via our Agenda. Click on the button ‘Book’ at the workshop date of your choice. If you don’t have a B-Sport account, then you can create one in the login screen via the button ‘Subscribe’ at the bottom of the page (just scroll down).

What did they think?


“I really enjoyed the workshop! It connected well with the goal I came with; some quality time with my second child before I go back to work. In a short time I got some practical tips and tricks that I will definitely use at home. Both the belly and leg massages I will (try to) keep up at home. He seemed to really like it! I am even considering buying a tummy tub :).

I really enjoyed the workshop and will definitely recommend it to others as well!”


“De workshop heb ik als fijn ervaren. Prettige ruimte en Paulina is heel vriendelijk en geduldig. Ik vond het ook te gek dat Paulina afsloot met een paar simpele baby-yogaoefeningen! Daar sluit ik nu ook elke keer de massage mee af en vindt mijn zoontje ook echt heerlijk.”


“Ik vond het fijn om zo bewust met mn baby bezig te zijn. Ook de volgorde van de massage was prettig en dan ook nog in de Tummytub; dat had ik nooit bedacht.”

Private Baby Massage

Do you prefer to take a workshop or course in Babymassage privately and at your home? That is also possible!

Get acquainted with the Shantala Baby Massage in one home visit of 1.5 hours (bookable from 2 sets of 2 parents and 2 babies) or learn the entire baby massage during a course of two home visits of 1.5 hours at your home.

Here you follow the lesson(s) in the comfort of your own home and without having to go anywhere with your little one, or be welcome in our practice in Utrecht. The days and times can be arranged with the teacher. For Utrecht city, travel expenses are included in the rate, for Utrecht area there is an extra travel & time fee. Email us at to make an appointment or use the booking system to schedule a course directly.

Top TIP: With some insurance companies the Babymassage course is reimbursed in an additional insurance!

Rather a private course or workshop? 

Private Baby Massage Workshop

The private workshop Babymassage takes 1,5h and you follow it together with another parent with baby at home in Utrecht or at our practice.

The workshop can be seen as a fun, one-time activity with your child: you learn the basics and can try out some techniques. However, there is limited space for more in-depth questions regarding your child or personal wishes and circumstances. Note: The private massage workshop is only bookable from 2 sets (so 2 babies and 2 parents) or more sets.

Price for the workshop with 2 sets (of 1 baby and 1 parent): € 55,00 per set.

Private Baby Massage Course

The private baby massage course consists of 2 meetings of 1.5 hours at your home in Utrecht or at our practice. Both parents are welcome to participate.

There is time to learn all the Shantala babymassage techniques so you can make the massage part of your routine. You will receive help in applying the massage to strengthen the bond between mother/father and child, and guidance in recognizing signals. In addition, there is room for questions and tailoring the massage to your baby or personal needs.

Price for 1 baby and 1 or 2 parent(s): €150,00

Holistic Baby Massage Course 

The private baby massage course consists of 2 meetings of 1.5 hours at your home. Both parents are welcome to attend.

When your baby is born it has already had many experiences. Both in the womb and during birth your baby is going through a lot. During the workshop “Holistic baby massage in the maternity period” we make a picture of what your baby has already experienced. The birth story and the birth experience of your child play an important role. You – and possibly your partner – will learn different massage techniques that are best suited to the needs of your child. In this way, your child can relax optimally and bond with you with confidence.

This course is taught exclusively by teacher Jolien.

Price for 1 baby and 1 or 2 parent(s): €150,00

Please Note: The course fee includes travel costs within Utrecht city, but excludes parking fees. Outside Utrecht, we charge travel/time fees and if applicable, parking fees as well.

Teachers Baby Massage

Jolien Woortman

Jolien Woortman

I am a baby massage teacher and mother of two. From the age of 8 on, I already had the desire to become a midwife but because night work did not suit me, I went into education. After 12 years of happy teaching I decided to change course and make my heart’s desire come true. Working with newborn babies and their parents. Because how wonderful it is when you get to make a loving contribution at the start of new life!

Direct Booking with Jolien is possible with our reservation system below

 Paulina Glapinsky

Paulina Glapinsky

Paulina is a mother of two sons (’11 & ’14) and has been working as a birth and post partum doula in Utrecht eo for 5 years now. She is enthusiastic and passionate about the work she does and believes that every woman and her partner deserves warm continuous personal support during and after childbirth. Her core values are autonomy, enthusiasm, security , humor, down-to-earthness and empathy.

For a booking with Paulina, email us at

Maddy Haukes

Maddy Haukes

Maddy decided to focus entirely on counseling women and their partners during pregnancy, birth and beyond after the birth of her son. She is a certified Doula and teaches pregnancy massage and baby massage. Her heart lies in personal contact, allowing you to feel supported, find relaxation and move into the next phase with confidence.

To book with Maddy, email us at

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