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Postnatal Yoga

You are welcome to postnatal yoga from 6 weeks after birth. We combine soft yogaposes, strengthening exercises, breathing techniques, meditation and deep relaxation. We pay special attention to the spine, pelvic floor and pelvic area. Postnatal yoga means real me-time. Feel welcome to try a class!

Postnatal Yoga:

  • Improves physical health, recovery, posture and mobility after birth.
  • Supports and strengthens core and pelvic floor muscles in a safe way.
  • Boosts physical and mental inner power, trust and intuition as a (new) mother.
  • Helps you to feel your own needs
  • Relaxes the body and mind, and helps to take good care of yourself.
  • Creates space for questions and sharing among mums
  • Allows you to meet other (new) moms!

What do we do in class?

In the first postnatal classes we focus on two important things: stabilising the pelvis and closing the body. During late pregnancy and giving birth the pelvis and the birthing channel open and your body creates space for your baby. After your baby has been born you want your body to close, heal and gently recover.

We cannot stress this enough: be gentle, patient and take things slow! Your future body will thank you big time. Focus on the healing inside and the outside will follow. So we take time to breathe, feel the pelvis and bring it back in a neutral stance and work on posture to align the spine. Slow steady breathing to close the ribs, belly and pelvic floor muscles. We focus on gentle non-visible exercises that feel very powerful and supporting after giving birth.

An extra good start after birth?

‘Het Goede Start’-Package

1 hr private yoga class at home with your favouriete teacher + 3 Postnatal or Mama&Baby classes for  € 110,00

Rather a private postnatal yoga class?

Do you experience specific pelvic pain or pelvic (floor) issues or is this time mentally quite challenging for you? In these situations a private class can help you to supported and stay safe after birth. We offer classes in English in Dutch with any of our loving teachers.

Price: 65,00 for 1 hr. Day and time are flexible.
Location: At your home in Utrecht-City, or in our studio.

For bookings: mail Danielle at

An extra good start after birth? Buy the


1 hr private yoga class at home with your favoriete teacher + 3 Postnatal or Mama&Baby classes for  € 110,00